How together we can make Polio history.

This October we are asking to
#walkwithus for those who can't


We are challenging you to walk, run or roll 10, 20 or 50km throughout the month and raise vital funds that will help eradicate and prepare us for a Polio free world.

A polio-free world does not mean it’s over either. It requires updated vaccination policies, including the phased withdrawal of oral polio vaccines (OPV), appropriate containment of the poliovirus in facilities, certification that polio has been eradicated, and planning for the transition of knowledge and infrastructure to serve other health goals.

You can do them wherever you like, whenever you like and all while maintaining your social distance. For every kilometre you walk over the month you'll be improving your overall health and wellbeing. Research shows that getting at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical exercise a day is ideal to help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. 

Be part of the end game strategy and raise funds to help make Polio history so that no child ever again suffers paralytic poliomyelitis

Steps to fundraising success

Personalise your page

Your online fundraising page is your most useful tool - make sure it's personalised with a photo of yourself and some details on why you have chosen to #walkwithus.

Nominate others to take up the challenge

Nominate your friends, family and colleagues to walk with you. The bigger the team the bigger, the more you raise, the bigger the impact.

Track your distances and hit your milestones

Tracking your journey is great but raising money will make a real difference. Share your online fundraising page with as many people as possible and ask them for donations to support your efforts.

Get creative and do something different

Don’t stop at walking or running your distance throughout October. Think big, use your imagination, have fun and most of all make it count.

For every dollar that is raised, it is matched 2:1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Jul 24

Thanks for the #endpolio support @Coldplay! No child should have to suffer from a vaccine-preventable disease like Polio. During #COVID19, @Rotary & our partners are working hard to safeguard our progress in the fight to end polio.

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Jul 16

#EndPolio surveillance networks & vaccination campaigns also monitor children for other health problems, like vitamin deficiency & measles, so we can address them sooner.

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