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Thank You for 2021!

Let's talk about our impact for 2021:

  • 314 walkers
  • Over 1,400 donors
  • 17,500km walked/run/cycled
  • $111,649.26 raised to End Polio!

Since 2020, we've raised over $232,000 AUD. Combined with the generous donation matching from the Gates Foundation, that's almost $700,000 to eradicate Polio!

You're all made this possible, over two hard years during a global pandemic. We're so very thankful to each and every one of your for the work you've done

We look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Rotary Walk With Us Organizing Committee


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Walk with us

We have a three year goal to make good on a promise – will you be part of history and help make this happen?


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About us

Polio is the world’s forgotten disease and something that should have been made history a long time ago. It is a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease. There is no cure, but there are safe and effective vaccines. The strategy to eradicate polio is therefore based on preventing infection by immunizing every child until transmission stops and the world is polio-free. 

This October we are asking you to Walk With Us for those who can’t. We are challenging you to walk, run or roll 10, 20 or 50km throughout the month and raise vital funds that will help eradicate and prepare us for a Polio free world. 

In recent months we have all had to find new ways to stay fit and healthy. Rotary’s Walk With Us End Polio Walk is also a fitness challenge that you can complete from October 1st to 31st to reach your target.

Be part of something special: Walk With Us this October for those who can’t. Be part of the end game strategy and raise funds to help make Polio history so that no child ever again suffers paralytic poliomyelitis.

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When you walk with us this October you will be helping us to reach our fundraising goal of $50 million this year so we can work to safely reach all children with the polio vaccine. 

Two drops, every child, every time...

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  • Anthony Reis just donated $100
  • Canterbury Girls' SC Community Liason just donated $25
  • John Kennedy just donated $212
  • Max Fraser just donated $26.50
  • Bob Cameron just donated $106
  • Renato Marnich just donated $50
  • Stephanie Falone just donated $26.50
  • Lucy and Mary Atkins just donated $159
  • Mathew Scanlon just donated $50
  • Chris Finley just donated $106
  • Julie just donated $53
  • Rotary Club of Williamstown just donated $135
  • Basil Ornellas just donated $26.50
  • Russell Jackson just donated $50
  • Matt Manning just donated $50
  • Brian Mathieson just donated $53
  • Cheryl Cohan just donated $159
  • Paul Burdett just donated $79.50
  • Elaine Bryant just donated $159
  • Cecilia Petrusa just donated $53